NASA scientists ‘might have discovered proof of parallel universe the place time runs backwards’

NASA scientists ‘may have found evidence of parallel universe where time runs backwards’

NASA scientists might have discovered proof of a parallel universe the place time runs backwards, say startling stories.

The invention was apparently made whereas specialists have been engaged on an experiment in Antarctica to detect cosmic rays.


The startling discovery was reportedly made throughout cosmic ray experiments[/caption]

The idea of a parallel universe has been round for many years however the brand new analysis has discovered particles which could simply be from a parallel realm additionally born in the course of the Massive Bang,

Scientists used a large balloon to hold NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) excessive above the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

It reached heights the place the frigid air offered the proper setting with little to no radio noise to distort any findings, stories the Day by day Star.

There’s a fixed “wind’ of excessive vitality particles coming from outer area a few of that are one million occasions extra highly effective than something generated on Earth.

Low-energy neutrinos with a mass near zero can move utterly by means of our planet, however higher-energy objects are stopped by the Earth’s mass, in response to the New Scientist.

Which means the high-energy particles can solely be detected coming “down” from area, however ANITA apparently detected heavier particles which appeared to come back “up” out of the Earth.

One theory is the Big Bang sparked multiple universes
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One idea is the Massive Bang sparked a number of universes[/caption]

Scientists used a giant balloon to carry NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna above Antarctica

Scientists used a large balloon to hold a NASA antenna above Antarctica[/caption]

That might imply that these particles are literally touring backwards in time which is seen as potential proof of a parallel universe

Principal ANITA investigator Peter Gorham, of the College of Hawaii, advised the one manner a particle may behave that manner is that if it turned into a special kind of particle earlier than passing by means of the Earth after which again once more.

Gorham, lead writer on a Cornell College paper describing the odd phenomenon, famous that he and his fellow researchers had seen a number of of those “inconceivable occasions.”

“Not everybody was comfy with the speculation,” he mentioned.

The only rationalization is that in the meanwhile of the Massive Bang 13.eight billion years in the past, two universes have been shaped – ours and one the place time goes backwards.

Nevertheless, some imagine the outcomes may simply be all the way down to a scientific glitch.

“We’re left with essentially the most thrilling or most boring prospects,” mentioned Ibrahim Safa, who additionally labored on the experiment.

Final 12 months paperwork have been launched which revealed the US Protection Intelligence Company as soon as appeared into the potential for parallel universes.

The docs have been obtained by Nick Pope, headed up the British Authorities’s UFO analysis undertaking for years.

They involved the work of of the Superior Aerospace Risk Identification Program (AATIP) which ran for 5 years, between 2007 and 2012.